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  1. Amen Love You Brother, Personally I Feel see 👹in the division of or ion getting Christians to argue about who’s right. I feel it doesn’t matter? It is comes down to BELIEF FAITH you know Scripture better than me. But knowledge (legalism) not good, FAITH is Imperative. Having been in Protestant Chatholic Churches if feel that it’s they are used by evil to divide GOD’ People – Like in Ephesians until Antioch JESUS’ followers were referred to as ??? Follower of the WAY !!! ONE WAY – GOD’ JESUS’ way and that satan started it’s his plotting how to divide GOD’ children. Hmm I know through pride ego! I will (notice small lower case) Ex false gods not GOD not
    In starting with Capital letters to me when ever a person refers to the One living GOD YASHUA YAHWEH JEHOVAH & ADONAI and many others as JESUS said Himself I AM who you say I Am I AM HE Is Alpha & Omega HALLELUJAH!!! Plse allow me to end it here by just saying People Plse WAKE UP SEE the dirtbag’ tools and device’ way’ noticed lower case letters.!, to divide and get GOD’ Childers to quarrel amongst HIS Believes. Hmm see political parties today Hmm hatred to divide JK Just Know LOVE ❤️ AGAPE Is the WAY Answer & That is as simple as 345 = 3=GOD 4=LOVE 5=JESUS yes simple GOD’ LOVE JESUS HE Is The WAY YASHUA for a The REASON The SEASON ATAH HASHEM BARUCH… I LOVE YOU & Thank You for the Sharing of Your WISDOM SHALOM-PEACE-LOVE 3 Hmm 3!!! FSS 3 The Father The SON The SPIRIT 👀🎚

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